Transpordi Varahaldus acquired two second-hand aircraft engines for more efficient operation of the company’s fleet of CRJ900 NextGen aircraft.

The Estonian government-owned Transpordi Varahaldus OÜ (TVH) has acquired two aftermarket CF34-8C5A1 jet engines manufactured by General Electric in order to more efficiently operate the seven CRJ900NG-type passenger jet aircraft in its fleet.

According to Ergo Blumfeldt, member of the TVH’s management board, this was a good opportunity to acquire aircraft engines with sufficient service life from the aftermarket to reduce the downtime of the company’s aircraft during time-consuming engine overhauls. He added that the spare engines will allow the overhaul of existing engines to be better timed and thus more economical, and that the purchase was financed from TVH own funds.

TVH is a state-owned company whose purpose is to act as an investment company, financing and managing investments in fixed assets in the transport sector. Its fleet consists of seven CRJ900 Next-Generation passenger jet aircraft.