According to the audited financial results for 2019, the annual turnover of OÜ Transpordi Varahaldus (TVH) was 9.1 million euros and net profit was 3.2 million. Minister of economic affairs and infrastructure who exercises the rights of the sole shareholder of TVH approved the annual report which was audited by AS Deloitte Audit Eesti.

According to the member of the management board Ergo Blumfeldt, the last financial year went successfully according to the plans of the company. In addition to leasing aircrafts, the company also started leasing airplane spare parts, tools and components. Blumfeldt added that considering the rapid spreading of COVID-19 and the likely negative impacts that will target commercial aviation globally, the current financial year will be very complicated also for aircraft lessors.

TVH is a state-owned company with the aim to carry out and manage investments into fixed assets in the transport sector, e.g. aircraft leasing. The company owns 7 Bombardier CRJ900NG passenger jet aircraft in 88-seats configuration.